An Overview of Real Estate Tax Abatements
(New England Real Estate Journal)
In Massachusetts, the tax fiscal year begins on July 1 and ends on June 30. The tax date is the preceding January 1. We are now in fiscal year 2018.
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A Condominium Lawyer Walks Up to a Trailer
In this article, we want to clarify that in Massachusetts phases in a condominium cannot be created on vacant land. We believe that little, if anything, has been written about this important subject.   Read More >

Condominium Issues in the 21st Century
Below, we will discuss a few current condominium issues we have been encountering in our practice: Marijuana, On-Line Home-Sharing Sites, Mixed-Use Condominiums, and Small Condominiums.   Read More >

A Condo Lawyer Walks Into A Courtroom
In this article we want to comment on a proposed bill in the House of Representatives in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (House No. 752) which is titled “An Act related to anti-litigation provisions in condominium documents” (the “Proposed Act”).  Read More >

A Condo Lawyer Walks Into A Bar
I read the First Main Street Corporation case when it was decided in 2000 (49 Mass. App. Ct. 25 (2000)).
Recently, I reread the First Main case.  The reason I did so in February of 2017 is that the City of Boston has adopted a policy to tax parking spaces in condominium buildings.  Read More >


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